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multibibliosoc's Journal

The Multifarious Bibliovore Society
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Promoting diversity in literature
The Multifarious Bibliovore Society
Welcome! The Multifarious Bibliovore Society is a book club dedicated to enriching the lives of its members through reading, promoting diversity in literature by reading books that feature protagonists who are LGBTQ and/or people of color, and supporting the authors of these books.

This club is a spin-off of the Permanent Floating YA Diversity Book Clubs. Although most of the books we read are YA, we are also open to reading adult or children's books.

The Basics
• Each month, we will vote on a selection of books chosen by members, usually following a specific theme.

• After the monthly selection has been made, we will post a "discussion post." Members can then discuss the book in the comments, and/or post a review of the book in their own blogs and post the links in the comments.

• Please see our Master List a list of our previously read books and for ideas for books to suggest for our next month's selection.